The All paws covered puppy package

The All Paws Covered Puppy Package is a great way to get your new little loved one familiar with the dog parlour. 



It can be an unusual experience for a dog so the best way to avoid this is to get them used to the environment as soon as they are able to do so. Our puppy package does just that, it includes 3 visits.

  1. The first visit having time on the grooming table, having a brush/comb, testing out the sounds such as the hair dryer & getting the pup used to having their paws touched as this can be a strange experience for a new pup. 
  2. The second vist your little pup will have a bath, get dried and be brushed/combed, also at this point we will introduce the sound of the clippers & scissors (although they won't be used at this point) this will be good because when they come for their full groom they will be more relaxed with the vibration and sounds of the clippers and other tools. 
  3. Your puppy comes up to visit the third time to have a full groom and at this point they will be used to the surroundings they are in aswell as the sounds that come along with grooming. All this means that they will enjoy it much more and come out of it looking great!


Our Puppy Package is definitely well worth it as it will help your dog with future grooms, a gradual introduction ensures your dog gets acustomed with everything natural and not all at once as it can be a little scary for the first time. 


We understand that the cost of a new puppy can be expensive and we have put together an affordable puppy package to suit you, the puppy package is £60 in total and pick up & drop off service can be arranged if needed too.


Please contact for further information or to book 

Your first visit is once your puppy has completed the vaccination course

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